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If you are not 100% satisfied with your massage,
 you pay nothing.
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50% Discount For New Clients
                3 Reasons To Choose
Mountain Road Massage Therapy:
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  • Massage is our only business.  We won't try to impress you with lots of fancy (and often confusing) terms for various exotic and esoteric treatments that you have never heard of.  All of our massages utilize time tested techniques combined with the latest scientific knowledge of the human body.  We don't believe in gimmicks.  Our offer to you is simple.  If you arrive stressed, sore and tight, when you leave you will feel more relaxed with less pain and tension.  If you don't believe that this has occurred, we will give you your money back.  This is our guarantee. 
  • From the moment you arrive for your massage appointment our total focus is on you. You will never be kept waiting.  You will be personally greeted at the door and will receive our undivided attention throughout.  Ample time will be allowed at the beginning and end for any questions you might have. You will never be rushed or hurried. Our "country" setting also means that your massage will never be disturbed by unwanted noise or commotion.   There are no other businesses here and we are far removed from pedestrian and street traffic.  The only "outside" things you might hear are birds singing, the wind gently blowing, or water flowing down the mountain.
  • Our massages are very affordable.  First time clients currently receive a 50% discount on our already reasonable rates.  We also offer very generous incentives for clients who refer others.  For each person they refer they are entitled to an additional half-price massage.  Special discounts are also available for those scheduling regular visits.  The more frequent the visits, the greater the discount received.
If this sounds appealing, you are in the right place!  We hope you can find everything you need. Mountain Road Massage Therapy is focused on providing high-quality service and  satisfaction - we will do everything we can to meet your expectations.
With our convenient location, flexible hours, and unique expertise we're sure you'll be happy working with us.
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